Single Day Daycare

A once-off day of daycare

Price per Day



Daycare Packs

Vouchers to be redeemed anytime

5 Day Pack

20 Day Pack

R2 800
60 Day Pack

R7 800
5 Day Pack

20 Day Pack

R1 400
60 Day Pack

R3 900

Unlimited Play

Month-to-month option that offers great value for clients

Price per Month

R2 500

Overnight Boarding

Comfortable, indoor bedrooms for overnight and long-term stay

Price per Day


Each additional dog gets 5% off total purchase price for any service or package

Extended boarding of 10 days or more is provided at a discount

(T's and C's apply)


Step 1

Ensure your dog is up to date with all vaccinations, deworming and tick & flea control. Proof thereof must be provided when required.

Step 2

Please download a copy of our registration form below or feel free to come visit us and we'll fill it in with you.

Step 3

Each applicant dog must come in for trial day to ensure they are a good fit for our open play environment.

Step 4

Download Form

Banking Details

Bank Name: FNB
Account Type: Cheque account
Account Number: 62768096119
Branch Code: 250355
Reference: Dog name and Surname

Terms and Conditions

  1. Open hours and days
    1. Playful Paws is open from 7am till 6pm from Monday to Friday.
    2. Daycare is not open on Saturday and Sunday or public holidays unless booked in advance at special rates subject to T’s and C’s (see directly below).
    3. Special daycare
      1. Daycare on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or public holidays must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.
      2. Special daycare is not covered under daycare packs or contracts.
      3. Special daycare is subject to availability of space as well as presence of caretaker.
      4. Playful Paws reserves the right to reject bookings for daycare on weekends or public holidays.
    4. Overnight boarding service is available 365 days of the year with drop-off/pickup allowed within the open hours only.
  2. Daycare packs
    1. Daycare packs can be redeemed on any open day during open hours.
    2. Daycare packs do not expire.
    3. Daycare packs cannot be redeemed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or public holidays (see section 1c for special daycare).
  3. Full-day Daycare
    1. Attendance of daycare for more than 6 hours is considered a full-day.
    2. A 10-minute grace period is provided for clients to pick up their dogs after 6pm.
    3. A late fee of R65 will be applicable for any pick-ups after 6:10pm.
    4. Dogs not picked up by 6:30pm will be required to board overnight and owners will be charged accordingly.
  4. Half-day Daycare
    1. Half day daycare is up to 6 hours from time of drop off.
    2. A 10-minute grace period is provided for clients to pick up their dogs.
    3. Should the dog not be picked up in time, the client will be charged as 2 half-days from their package or the client will be requested to pay for the full day separately.
    4. Dogs not picked up by 6:30pm will be required to board overnight and owners will be charged accordingly.
  5. Unlimited Play daycare contracts
    1. Contracts are paid upfront monthly and begin from date of purchase.
    2. 1-month contracts are valid on all open days for a single calendar month.
    3. Contracts are not valid for non-open days such as weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or public holidays (see section 1c for special daycare).
    4. Contract clients enjoy a discounted overnight boarding rate of R40 PER NIGHT during weekdays.
      1. This rate is only valid from Monday to Friday and excludes public holidays.
      2. Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays are billed at normal overnight boarding rate.
      3. E.g. If a contract client boards on Thursday to pick up on Saturday, they will be billed R40 (Thursday) + R40 (Friday) + R200 (Saturday). Instead of 200 x 3 for the three days.
  6. Overnight boarding
    1. Boarding is calculated PER DAY as to not restrict check-in and check-out timings.
    2. Dogs can be dropped off anytime from 7am and picked up anytime till 6pm.
    3. Minimum boarding stay is booked at 2 days (1 night).
    4. Payment in full must be received prior to drop-off for boarding. No booking will be confirmed without payment.
    5. Daycare contract clients enjoy reduced boarding rates (see section 5d)
  7. Discounts
    1. Additional dog discount provides a 5% discount for each additional dog on the total purchase price.
      1. This is limited to a maximum of 20%.
      2. This discount is only provided on once-off daycare, daycare packages, daycare contracts or overnight boarding
      3. This discount does not apply to the purchase of products or the grooming service.
    2. Extended stay discount provides a 5% discount for every 10 days booked.
      1. Discount is calculated per each booking of 10 days or more.
      2. This is limited to a maximum of 20%
      3. This discount is added on top of the additional dog discount where applicable.
    3. Maximum combined discount that can be offered is 20%.
  8. Exchange and Refund Policy
    1. No cash refunds will be given for any special daycare, daycare packs, daycare contracts or overnight boarding.
    2. Credit amounts will be given on a case to case basis subject to management approval.
    3. No cash refunds or credits will be given for any food items, tick and flea or deworming products purchased.
    4. Items purchased will be refunded within 7 days of purchase provided they have not been opened and are in re-sellable condition.
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